Since the Shapeshifter series began, with Finding The Fox published in 2006, it’s built up a phenomenal following – and what keeps cropping up is the number of readers who read, read and re-read the five adventures.  
If you do read it all over again you will have some fun spotting the clues throughout the series which lead to the final revelation of how the COLAs came to be and what they’re meant to be doing.  
I’ve lost count of the number of emails I’ve had from fans telling me they’re on their second or third or even fourth re-read of the series. That’s incredible and so wonderful for an author to hear. I’ve also lost count of the number of emails asking when the series is going to be made into films.  
I wish I could answer that, but I have no idea. A movie producer has to get excited enough about the series to decide to option it and then raise the many millions needed to make films these days. And although there has been interest in my writing from a number of film producers (real, proper ones!) there’s no deal just yet. Just a bit of a chat over lunch here and there.  
If I ever get THAT CALL and find out that it IS going to happen you can bet you’ll hear about it 30 seconds later on this website!  
UNLEASHED! That’s what’s next! These spin off adventures feature characters from the Shapeshifter series. Lisa, Mia, Gideon & Luke, Jacob & Alex Teller and even Spook all get their own stories told – and shapeshifter Dax will never be far away.  
Then there's the BRAND NEW (as at Summer 2016) DAX JONES ADVENTURE - FEATHER & FANG.  
You can skip to it from the fifth Shapeshifter book (Stirring The Storm) or you can read all of UNLEASHED first, because it picks up after the action in The Burning Beach (book five in the UNLEASHED series).  
If you’ve not read THE SHAPESHIFTER yet – read on for a flavour of what you’ve been missing…  
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Finding the Fox  
Dax Jones turns into a fox, and is taken away by the government to a remote college where other children his age have also suddenly developed paranormal powers. He soon makes new friends – cheeky Gideon, who can move things with his mind, gentle Mia, who can heal people and spoilt little madam Lisa, who is sick and tired of getting messages from the dead. As the Children Of Limitless Ability begin to develop their powers, Dax wonders what whether the college is there to protect them, or to control them…  
Running the Risk  
There’s double trouble when Dax and Gideon are taken back to Tregarren College early. Gideon has a twin who’s been brought to join them at COLA Club. And that’s not all – when yet another sibling arrives, Dax is left feeling shut out and jealous and so twitchy that he keeps Shapeshifting into a fox without even realizing he’s doing it. Meanwhile, everyone around him is getting tired and droopy and he suspects the worst – that the college is doing tests on them and risking their health.  
Going to Ground  
An urgent message from clairvoyant Lisa means Dax must take his friends on the run, away from the authorities who claim to be protecting them, until they can work out the meaning of all the melted electricity pylons across the South of England. Hiding in the depths of Exmoor and relying on all their survival skills, Dax, Gideon, Lisa and Mia are stalked by a terrifying entity – and hunted by the one man they thought they could trust.  
Dowsing the Dead  
Dax and his friends are shocked when Lisa is compelled to take them into the world of the dead in search of Gideon’s lost brother and sister. What they discover is beyond horrific and Dax must fly across an ocean to confront a spirit so evil even the dead turn away from it. Can he rescue a tormented soul and escape with his own life intact?  
Stirring the Storm  
In the final book of the series, the Children Of Limitless Ability are betrayed in a terrible way. Dax must discover the truth about their COLA powers before he can save his friends from being sold to the highest bidder. And he can only do that with the help of his old foe, Spook Williams and a mysterious object left to him by his dead mother.

Follow the trails
Follow the trails