to the launch of CAR-JACKED!  
Jack is a 12-year-old genius with an IQ of 170. When his family car is stolen by a desperate bank robber, Jack is accidentally abducted. Within seconds his carefully controlled life is way off track. But being on the run with a convict isn't quite what he expects - and soon he's using his super-sharp brain to help the guy...
Are YOU a child genius? Not sure..?  
Do the ARE YOU A CHILD GENIUS? fun quiz to find out  
Download the CHILD GENIUS QUIZ here.  
Or are you a genius's mum?  
And could you be like Jack's mother?  
A little bit of a monster..?  
Try the ARE YOU A MONSTER MOTHER? fun quiz to find out.  
Download the MONSTER MOTHER QUIZ here.  
And don't forget to email me with your results and your stories of genius... or monstrousness! The best story I get will win the sender a signed copy of Car-Jacked AND a signed Audio Book of Out Of This World.  
COME TO THE LAUNCH! Car-Jacked is officially launched at Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival on Wednesday 27 May. For tickets Click HERE.  

Follow the trails
Follow the trails