This week I will be raising goosebumps and money for the Friends of PICU with a signing session at Waterstone's in Southampton's West Quay shopping centre from Midday on October 31  
And then I'll be doing it all over again at 11am on November 01 at Waterstone's in Salisbury High Street.  
Please drop in and say hello and buy a copy if you can... and here's why...
This is my first stand-alone ghost story and it's been written just for the charity I am patron of - Friends of PICU (a fund raising group for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Southampton General Hospital, which looks after critically ill babies, children and teenagers from across the south of England and the Channel Islands).  
It stars the Maguire family - a real life family. Mum and Dad, Kirsty and Richard, bid to have their kids written into an Ali Sparkes adventure while we were all at a PICU charity ball a couple of years ago. THE MAN IN THE WATER is the result.  
If you can't make the public signings you can buy it directly from the Friends of PICU website - just click HERE  
All £6 of the cover price goes directly to the charity. If you like my books, you'll like this one too. And if you LOVE my books and want to show your appreciation for them, please donate to my charity by buying this one.  
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  
Level 42 front man and jazz funk bass god shows up in Ali Sparkes' latest high octane adventure.  
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Listen to Ali talk about "Destination Earth" on Radio Solent  
Look, I'm not making this up - well, I kind of am - but a real live pop star from my youth is actually in my next adventure novel, Destination Earth. Mark King, lead singer and bassist in Level 42 - a band which got super-famous in the 1980s and which still has millions of fans worldwide today - was meant to be just a fleeting cameo in the story... but you know how things sometimes get a bit out of hand..?  
DESTINATION EARTH is OUT now and yes, it's a little odd... to explain, Lucy, my main character, might be an alien but she LOVES Earth music and her favourite band is Level 42, mainly because she adores a funky bass line. Now I could have just made a band up, but where's the fun in that? Way better to put a real one in. I asked first and Level 42 said yes. Find out more by clicking on the MONTHLY MUSING (button on the left). And find out more about Level 42 and their music at www.level42.com.  
The PLAYLIST will give you the music that runs through the story. Click on the top right of this page for more info.  

Follow the trails
Follow the trails