HERE'S 2015...  
hits the bookshops in June 2015. Can't wait. But have to... lots of other exciting stuff happening before then.  
For now, see the MONTHLY MUSING (button on the left) page for a review of 2014 and a few clues of what's coming in 2015.  
HEY! Guess who's in the first 2015 edition of FIRST NEWS?  
The Man In The Water
, published in September to raise funds for the Friends of PICU - a charity I'm a patron of - is still selling well and stacking up a big donation for this vitally important unit at Southampton General Hospital which looks after critically ill babies, children and teenagers across the south of England and the Channel Islands.  
If you haven't had a copy yet you can get one easily by clicking HERE. This will take you to the charity's website shop. Or you can order via Amazon.  

Follow the trails
Follow the trails